Dinosaur Feathers

Here’s my first try at an obscure genre name. I name thee Beatles-Artpop, meaning music that reminds of the 60s Britpop bands but have a certain Canadian weirdness to them that oozes electroliciousness and some psychedelic ventures into the unknown.
Bands like Drink Up Buttercup or the Dodos belong to this newborn and badly named genre that is no genre at all but just the imagination of a stupid music geek.
Dinosaur Feathers fit this genre as well. Their music is absolutely fun, with so many details and layers that it should be overwhelming, however, the great tunes that are reminiscent of the 60s keep your head from exploding and instead generate a feeling of tasting really good soup. You have no idea what I am talking about? Well, a soup looks simple but as soon as you taste it, you realize how many flavours it contains.
So there you have it, a fantastic band that gives you the warm feeling of sunny 60s pop with the genre- and sound-mingling of today’s globally aware bands. Plus, they’re from Brooklyn and we’ve already established that about 90% of exciting new bands come from Brooklyn. As a colleague of mine once put it: “New York might just as well be the new secret tip for upcoming bands”. True words…although I hear of this small and cute town called London that is home to some talented youngsters as well…
Anyway, Dinoasur Feathers are great, believe me.

And if you don’t believe me, which is understandable, after I compared a band with soup, believe some free downloads on their homepage! Yay!

Brilliant video, I love how they all try not to slip up when they exit the bar because the ground is covered with snow and ice.


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