Sleigh Bells

Uh, they are so shiny right now and M.I.A. signed them and BBC1 loves them and they are from Brooklyn, so all us Indie kids feel like moths drawn to the light. It’s nearly sickening how hip they are.Sleigh Bells have this bastard Breakdance-Beat Electromash thing going on that made M.I.A. so awesome and that seems to be the new punk in the way it confuses, intimidates and amazes at once (I do hope, though, that not every band now will take on this sound because it has the potential to be really annoying).
I gotta say, a whole album would probably burst my brain but one song or two on the dancefloor are pretty awesome because they are quite intense. I guess, it’s one of those albums that at first throw you off a bit because everything is really loud, in your face and mashed but once you got over the apparent mess, you’ll find a certain genius in it that might turn this thing into a classic one day*.
Still, I am hesitant to try out listening to the whole album at once. Just like drinking coca cola and eating poprocks at the same time…

By the way, as one of those female-vocals-male-mastermind duos, Derek E. Miller is well known for being a member of the late Poison the Well, a pretty cool hardcore band that is no more.

*I know that a lot of people already call it a classic but please remember all the one hit wonders we thought were classics, listened to them for one summer and then forgot…no, I am cautious and will leave it to time to determine whether Sleigh Bells have it to become legends.


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