Favourite Songs: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home

Oh God, I might just die because this song is so great. It’s like a hug while being surrounded by apple trees and singing people.
Considering that Alex Ebert, the Mastermind behind the weird concept that is Edward Sharpe  & The Magnetic Zeros* has made up this thing after he broke up with his girlfriend, moved out and broke with his 12-step program, this is pretty up-beat.
But sometimes you just need to get out of things to be able to breath again.

Seeing the video, I suspect that this band even sings together whilst making breakfast. And I bet that cartoon birds come flying into the window to accompany them with the whistling.

*According to Wikipedia, Edward Sharpe is supposed to be some sort of dude from outer space who came to earth to save humankind. Sounds a lot like a potential cult but as long as they make music as good as this, I am in.


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