Truck’n Roll

I was at the Zappanale festival for the weekend and had a blast. By that, I mean that I barely drank, worked hard and even made friends with some securities. Oh yeah, that’s the new Rock’n Roll lifestyle because booze, slacking and aggression towards authority is soo yesterday.
Anyway, apart from all the typical sounding Zappa bands that played the same cover-songs over and over, the real gems came from the truckstage, a smaller stage opposed to the mainstage that brought us a lot of greatness (and less repetition).

And here are my favourites:

1. Schnaak

Two dudes in 70s sports outfits, a drum set, a guitar and a lot of sweat. Do I need to say more?
Well, if you demand to, they do some great noise stuff that just rolls in its own juices and burns through the air. There is a frighteningly joyful eeriness in the very seldom vocals that sound like the voice of a really old lady that herself sounds like a small girl (you know, the ones they like to use in Horror movies).

2. Za!
I actually didn’t really see them live because I had to work but as the office was pretty close to the stage, I was able to listen to this piece of loop-tastic weirdness. They are doing this slightly electronic art-music with some Spanish folkmusic (I guess) which I usually am not a fan of but it’s really catchy and probably awesome to dance to.

3. Julith Krishun

HARDCORE! You can’t imagine how enormously great it is to listen to some kick-ass hardcore after approx. two and a half days full of artsy Zappa stuff. It’s Hardcore, a little bit grind no more explanation needed. One string of the guitar broke before the last two songs and the guitar player took ages to put a new one on. It was actually quite funny to watch and imagine all the hell his bandmates would give him afterwards for making them appear so pretty darn unprofessional. Still, they were awesome.


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