Zola Jesus

I heard a radio DJ say that Zola Jesus sounds a bit like Siouxsie and the Banshees. Because I never really listened to them, I can’t confirm, I do – however – find, that Zola Jesus reminds me of a little less playful Florence and the Machine which might indicate that Florence and the Machine as well sounds like Siouxsie. It’s a mad music journalist’s world…
Zola Jesus is one of the great intimidating female artists, that go along the lines of forementioned Florence but also Bat For Lashes (who might also sound like Siouxsie, damn, I really have to listen to them…).
Every song sounds like a post-apocalyptic hymn about our desires and the darkness that wraps around love and keeps us awake.

I recommend her music (her new album just came out) for autumn and winter although it might be a treat to listen to her looming songs whilst walking through gleaming sunlight and smiling people.


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