I don’t really like Hamburger Schule but gee, do I love these bands…

First of all, ‘Hamburger Schule’ is some sort of late 80s genre that is a bit dying momentarily but has been HUGE back then and was a major influence in the late 90s. It’s mainly German-singing bands that have their focus on lyrics rather than musical craftsmenship (exceptions to the rule included) and probably defined the training-jacket-wearing Indie-youth/twenty-somethings more than anything else at that time.
I never really got into it, though. I liked a couple of the songs but in general this music bores me so much that I always feel as if I am too stupid to get it and just lack a certain brain-connection to appreciate it. Because – I can objectively say that – it is good music.
However, there are always those bands that get you from behind even if you don’t like their genre.
So, there are Kettcar (the greatest) and Kante (the weirdos) who are brilliant on their own and therefore never really had to be put into this genre to be successful anyways.

They just write beautiful songs and I am convinced that every one of my friends has at least one Kettcar song that means a lot to them and raises memories of great times, friends and the sea. This voice is just killing, it’s like a warm blanket…

This is the song that I listened to frequently while I was in Cardiff. They added a couple of cover-thingies at the end, very cute.

Now, this band is visionary. I actually don’t think that they fully qualify for the “Hamburger Schule” because their musical talent and composition of songs are well beyond the usually quite simple structures of the other bands. Their lyrics are of the sort that makes you react emotionally whichever way. As harsh and violent as many people consider the German language, this edgy quality can turn our poetry into something uniquely complex because a lot of our poets work with this hard sounds and the raw nakedness of its words.
(This song always puts a smile on my face, it’s for all the awkward people who view the world differently than others)

Oh, and here is one of their epic songs, just to give an impression of their musical awesomeness:

I know that the English readers might not get the lyrics but just because of the language-barriers you shouldn’t ignore some of our best musical treasures. Germany is not just Rammstein, The Scorpions, Tokyo Hotel and Nena – fortunately. Hell, way fortunately.


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