Neon Hitch

Should I really promote someone who is responsible for several songs by 3OH!3 and Kesha? Shouldn’t that be reason enough to diss her a bit and then ignore her completely?
Well, yeah, probably, but  her mixture of Hip Hop and Electropop is really good and – although not nearly as intricate and weird as M.I.A. – darn catchy. She easily could be the next big Pop-sensation (just wait).

Neon Hitch grew up with Hippie parents (so, her name is her actual name) who travelled around a lot and she spent some time performing in a circus as a fire swinger. Well – lame wordplay alert! – her songs are definitely on fire. And while I wash off the shame that this wordplay brought me, let’s listen to some of her music:

(Feel free to do the laundry or some fire swinging because it’s no video just the song because there are only videos of her collaboration with 3OH!3 on youtube and…no…just no to them.)


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