Art is Hard sampler

A couple of months (or rather, a year) ago, I wrote a blog about “The Melancholy Moose Society”, a cool Postpunkband with or without beards and sunglasses.
A week ago, I got a mail from one of them because two of them decided to go the quite popular route to start a label which is called “Art is hard” and has its first sampler “Brink of clouds” out now!
Most of the bands come from the South of GB and do some guitar-stic (see what I did there?) indierock which has become difficult to get in bundles in these days of indielectro and folkstuff. So if you want some proper Indierock without compromises, you’ll be happy happy happy to listen to these guys and songs and bands.
My personal favourites were They that cried wolf who do some Futureheads-Postpunk, Mojito Soundsystem with some really awesome 80s-melancholy and the insanely great Kinnie the explorer who have (and deserve) the honour to present the last track of the sampler which is beyond brilliance and just glides you into the following months of autumn. You basically get lost in their song “Blind Spider” as if on a raft on the ocean.

You can get the album on their homepage and if you’re fast enough you not only get a t-shirt but also – and this is really cool – a zine designed by the bands themselves.


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