To see the Ports of Rostock and Shanghai: New Supershirt Song

ACTUALLY, I am not the biggest fan of Supershirt, because I overlistened to the whole Indielectro-genre around 2007/2008 and was a bit allergic to anything closely related since then.
However, they got a guitar player (it’s Murks from ‘Mumpel, Murks & Die Herrscherin der Galaxis‘!) AND collaborated with their Audiolith-label-mates Captain Capa (who do some Indielectro that reminds a bit of Drive-By Argument) and put out an EP called “Tote Tiere” (‘dead animals’), reminiscent of those two-dimensional stamps formerly known as animals that you tend to find at the side of ANY road.
And, what can I say, the songs on the EP are good (I like the Supershirt lyrics for these songs a lot more than their previous ones) and the title song is epic. It’s an instant earworm, I am not joking, the lyrics (for those who speak German) are extremely well done and I tell you, it’s difficult to write German lyrics that don’t sound weird, cheesy or lame (my favourite line is “die augen kleben am wesen von gerade eben”, man, that will make it into my “Poesiealbum”) and the guitar goes stellar with the beats and adds a certain Interpol-aggressiveness to the song.
For a genre that lost my interest about two years ago, this is a darn catchy song that might even have the potential to make it into my best of 2010 list*.

There will be a video, at least that’s what the promo said, we’ll see if I can get that on here…

And to make things even more perfect (I am spoiling you, ain’t I…well, it’s actually Audiolith that spoil you, I just leech), you can get this song and a bunch of other Audiolith songs on their homepage. It’s mainly an Electro label and they have some fine things on there.

*I do plan a song- rather than an album-list this year, we’ll see how that works out…it’s not like there are at least half a dozen of unfinished blog-specials of mine out there…cough, cough.


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