Neon Indian

Rarely have we music-fans experienced something like this: that a genre of potentially annoying proportions (Indielectro) would – infused with some warbling psychedelic influences – turn into something elaborate and freaky as this new thing that washes up on the shores of Indie since one or two years.
Usually owned by the Brooklyn crowd, this time, the credits go to Texas, of all states, where Neon Indian comes from and apparently has been inspired by Alan Palomo’s (who is Neon Indian) father who has been a Mexican Pop Star in the 70s and 80s.
Now, I never heard Mexican Pop but if it can inspire Nintendo-progressive Electrosounds like this, it might be worth to check out.

The debut “Psychic Chasms” is out since quite some time but hey, I can’t have my ears on everything!

The song “should have taken acid with you”, drawn from an actual missed acid date with his former girlfriend can be downloaded on Spinner.

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