Magic Man – to be a little bit in love and then a little more

I can’t believe how randomly I sometimes stumble over incredible bands. So I was in dire need of an album download for free because I had to do this record review for my radio and didn’t have any new exciting things at home due to a devastating lack of money. So I typed in “Bandcamp + album” into the mighty google-machine and had a vast variety of bandnames to go for. I went for “Magic Man”, because I like men, and – to a certain extent – I like magic as well (no magic tricks, just magic, though).
And waddayaknow, this duo from Boston have created a fantastic album with “Real Life Color”, driven from their journey and working experience in France. They’ve recorded the album on a circus festival, in a chateau (that’s the fancy French way to say castle), in a beach house and probably in Hogwarts as well.
The result sounds like a shiny mixture of Vampire Weekend and Efterklang and some electro-sparkles to spice things up which have very subtle Dan Deacon elements. Their music is airy, dreamy and, yes, magical. There is no way you listen to this album without a smile on your face.
It’s such a refreshing beauty of an album that I am a bit shocked that it hasn’t had the attention yet that it deserves. It’s out since January (!!!) and no one has declared them THE new band of 2010.
Well, we’ll do that now, won’t we, because they are absolutely worth it.

By the way, despite the lack of money, I eventually did pay something for the album, so feel inspired to do the same. However, if you don’t, don’t feel bad either. Just listen.


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