Department of Eagles – something old and something blue…

Oh Brooklyn, New York, you magical place, now you even start to sound like Canada!

Department of Eagles is a random side project of Mr “Grizzly Bear” Rossen and Mr “I produced Hot Fuss by the Killers but I have nothing to do with anything else this band has done” Nicholaus, who’ve released their album “Ear Park” in 2008 but had quite a ride till then and decided to chronicle those musical adventures on this collection called “Archive 2003-2006”.
Usually, such things are a bunch of useless filler songs that don’t really add anything spectacular to your musical collection but in this case, it’s a beautiful and relaxed piece of music that sounds as if Menomena have recorded an album for lovers.
It’s filled with epxerimental electro-hubbab and great piano tunes. It’s something to fall in love with deeply and to get over the usually quite dry time of the end of the year, when only huge and popular bands* and Metal bands release their music. Seriously, I can’t believe how great this album is and it makes the waiting for the next Grizzly Bear album a lot easier.

So let’s fall in love together!

I did hear the new Kings of Leon single and, although it is quite full of pathos, liked it. I wonder, though, whether they have lost the Bluesrock forever…

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