Bear in Heaven

First of all, I am seriously sorry that I haven’t posted that much recently but my life is ‘pew’ right now, I have my final (ever) exam next week and I probably get a new (or rather, a first) job and move to Berlin…I am not complaining because a change is gonna come and I am glad because you can only stand being a student for so long without getting too weird but it’s scary as hell to pretend being all grown up and do adult stuff.

Maybe that’s why this post’s band is a little frightening and sounds (if they turn to pop as in “Lovesick Teenagers”) like a mixture of MGMT and Joy Division. Whenever they don’t, they rather remind of heavy Prog-Monsters infused with some of those Yeasayer/MGMT-sounds.
Bear in Heaven come from – guess what – Brooklyn. I start to suspect that bands just say that they are from Brooklyn because it sounds cooler than Topeca or Muskogee.
Anyway, their recent album is called “Beast Rest Forth Mouth” and it’s everywhere and nowhere with its electronic and psychedelic sounds. You want to dance to them but you can’t really because the compositions are all over the place and rather wrap you up instead of guiding you along the dancefloor.
“Bag of Bags” has one of the best Prog-Rock intros since Genesis and continues to remind of those days of “Musical Box” or “Watcher of the Skies“. You need patience for this kind of music but it rewards you with grand soundscapes that weave colours in front of your eyes.

This might sound crazy, but I somehow feel as if they are the mood-contrast to Dan Deacon who does similar crazy electro-stuff but a lot more optimistic than the sometimes incredibly dark sounds of Bear in Heaven.


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