Favourite Songs: Panda Bear – Tomboy

Warning: The following blog is a little all over the place. But the love has been spread all over the place as well…even if that just sounded really gross.

So it’s clear that Americans love The Animal Collective and the whole Indie world loves them because it’s been 50000 years till a good and weird band has had so much success in the American charts.
But musical geniuses hate working on only one project, so Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear decided to do some equally psychedelic but even weirder solo stuff that can blow your mind.
His song Tomboy is one of those Yeasayer/Vampire Weekend/Global sounding Ubersongs that really need to be listened through headphones and the volume way way up there (I tried it, it’s like being a kid and seeing the amazing mind-blowing Jim Henson spectacle “Labyrinth”, you just don‘t know what to do except smile and feel overwhelmed).

By the way, before The Animal Collective, there was Panda Bear, his first music came out around 1998. I need to look into that, how did he sound back then? On his myspace page it says that he does Dub, so this goes out to my blog-mate who probably knows more about that: is it Dub?

And just to congratulate Noah on his clever name:

No one hates pandas. Not even Hitler. No wonder everyone loves this music. The cognitive association is mad on this one. Even a band called Mr Kittenswearingmittenshuggingpuppieswhomakenappies couldn’t get the love that Panda Bear gets.

And on another note: the next couple of blogs won’t be necessarily about new bands (well, when are they anyway?) because I’ve written tons of bands down during work while listening to the radio and then forgot about them because I lost the post-it-notes in the depths of my room.

I found them!


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