Favourite Songs: Apostle of Hustle – Soul Unwind

Before we start today’s edition of ‘Favourite Songs-the magical spectacle for the whole family’:

On another note; I did an interview with my newly found local heroes Mumpel, Murks und die Herrscherin der Galaxis, you can find the interview – as usual – on the LOHRO blog. This was one of the last LOHRO interviews I planned doing in Rostock (The last will be with Supershirt on the 14th of October). But if I can manage, I will explore the wild yonders of Berlin and maybe get one gem or two in front of the recorder. However, I doubt it will be as fun as this interview because this interview was pretty funny (That’s one of the numerous reasons why I never drink milk whilst doing an interview because if I had done that, I would have spurted it out of my ears, my nose and probably even my eyes. If you want to know the other reasons, you have to ask and I will gladly reply).

Now off to the category for heroes:

I had them on my favourite-songs category once before, this might be a first for any band! But seriously, this song is insane and I will get their album as soon as possible.
The jazzy intro that lets you expect something completely different and then the mesmerizing chorus. They just sing “Soul Unwind” over and over again amidst surreal instrumentals but it has such a soothing feel to it that is beautifully relaxing and somehow otherworldly. I want to listen to this song the whole night through and then, on the other side of the darkness and the shadows and the stars, see the sun come up.

OMG (:O)*, it’s together with the Broken Social Scene!

And guess what, you can get the song for free, here!

*Look at it, look into its blank and soulless eyes and tell me that emoticons are necessary so people who don’t get irony don’t feel offended. People who don’t get irony deserve to feel offended and emoticons deserve to burn in hell.


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