RAC – Remix Artist Collection

Today’s entry is not about a band but rather a team of people who produce and remix songs. Their remixes, however, are not the usual electro-dance alteration but rather play with the originals and sounds instead of just looping the s*** out of them with some heavy beats underneath.
I stumbled over them via the incredible, fun and lively remix for Edward Sharpe & The magnetic Zeros’ “Home”. André Allen Anjos and Karl Kling (and a couple of international partners) do all sorts of things, including media work (soundtracks for series) and DJ-ing. They are superstars (and Karl Kling wears a mustache for superstars).

You can get most remixes for free on their homepage, including way too many of my favourite songs (it’s a bit weird, RAC – get out of my head-playlist!).

They have a way of messing with your head because their remixes tend to be even a little better than the original which – in my music-nazi-mind – actually can’t be achieved (ever) but they do it over and over again, it’s cra-zey.

Ting Tings – That’s not my name (that’s a good example, I really can’t listen to the original anymore because it got a bit tedious on indie-parties but this version is bliss – even if the picture is kinda weird…).

I heavily recommend “Repition kills you” by the Black Ghosts (ft. Damon Albarn). It’s absolutely brilliant, they reversed the whole remix-concept and turned a dance number into an Indie-Popsong. This is postmodern and I love it!


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