Sonic Superstore Farewell (kinda)

Well, hello my friends, due to already mentioned circumstances,  I am doing my last live Sonic Superstore Show (it’s Indie, baby!) on my local radiostation LOHRO and therefore – for once – advertise it here. It will be packed with rambling (Yay!), cheese (Woohoo!) and a lot of incredibly fantastic songs, old and new (what, what what?!). I have been doing this for more than a year now and can say that it was one of my favourite things at LOHRO and even if I plan to pre-record it until they’ve found a proper replacement for my awesomeness, it’s very much different from the real live show experience, so expect a flashing show of adventure, surprise and emotional outbursts.

7pm-9pm (European time)

If you are living in Rostock you can listen to it via Radio on the frequency 90,2

If you are living anywhere else you can listen via livestream on

Thanks for tuning in.

Or thanks for reading through this blog without tuning in….


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