We Are Animal

If you were an animal, what would you be? Damn question, when I was younger I always said something completely implausible like ‘lion’ or ‘wolf’. Haha, as if. Nowadays, I know that I probably would be a monkey (without the poop-throwing) and I can live with it.

Anyways, We Are Animal are probably the dangerous animals that I always wanted to be because their Qotsa-like Indierock is menacing, sex-ey and does some smooth Bluesrock as well.

The Welsh gentlemen do solid Rock’n Roll but there is something about their sound (the beats actually feel like electro-beats) that might give them the additional umph, to get them beyond the vast amount of R’nR bands out there.

By the way, totally unrelated but still great, I found this video again on youtube.  It’s a classic but maybe one or two of you don’t know it yet…


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