Frittenbude – Mindestens in 1000 Jahren (translation)

So, exactly 3656 days ago, I posted a blog about the Frittenbude Song “mindestens in 1000 Jahren” which still gets a couple of hits. Most people, though, look for a translation of the song. As I only had a couple of lines – badly – translated in the last blog, I thought, I could badly translate the rest of the lyrics because I know how maddening it can be if you don’t know what a song is about. It’s about great things and any flaw of the text is due to my rather hurried translation. Oh yeah, it also doesn’t rhyme, I wasn’t in the mood to spend hours on coming up with a translation you could actually sing, especially as this is not my song – it would have changed too much of the content and all.

We want all the freedom
and streets made of sugar
money should rain down
now and then fodder
canons of plastic, tanks of cotton
in a thousand years, we’re classics
even if we mess up completely,
we surely can pull through
as long as it’s fun

You’re right, we are done
and partially douchebags
but we’re not gonna adapt
and we won’t even try
you can’t buy us but you can curse us
over and over
You want a piece of the cake, well, sorry and fuck you
we’re searching for a label with an adhesion contract
that completely ruins our reputation

This is art
at least in a 1000 years
you hum
at least a 1000 times
with us
or on your own
this is art
oh no oh no oh no

Oh, and because I love love love this cover by Clickclickdecker, here it is. It’s everything I like about good cover versions: it’s a new interpretation but doesn’t lose the heart and soul of the original.


4 thoughts on “Frittenbude – Mindestens in 1000 Jahren (translation)

  1. I’d recomend a few adjustments to your translation:
    “canons of plastic on tanks of cotton”
    “but you can’t adapt us”

    great band, great lyrics!


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