Band Crush: True Widow…so f***ing beautiful

So, my newest entry or rather band-crush is in English, this is a rather unusual sight these days but it had to be for two reasons.

Number One, this band is criminally unknown which has to change and English means more readers, even if this blog might be one of the most criminally unknown blogs in the history of unknown blogs, maybe it helps a bit to get the word out, I want them to become incredibly popular and rich and then probably incredibly arrogant and horrible but by then they probably can afford to be.

Number Two, and this is something that I actually considered before but never acted on, German doesn’t fit my thoughts on this band, all words seem to be awkward and bulgy and given that the first ideas and concepts in my mind where in English when I was at their show yesterday, I thought, why not do it, after all, all my German readers are smart enough to read it in English as well.

So, after the way too long intro, the band.

True Widow are from Texas, they are a three-piece, one drummer, one bass-player/vocalist and one guitar-player/vocalist. In short that’s Slim, Nicole and Dan and I tell you, they are incredibly charming, fun and intelligent people, I know, that sounds cheesy as fuck and it also sounds as if they paid me to write this* but well, sometimes, people are just charming, fun and intelligent and you can’t do anything about it. I had the pleasure to interview them and it was a blast and felt really comfortable. I wanted to do the interview because I listened to their music and thought that this is a style that you don’t hear that often and that unique bands (that are good) always have an interesting point of view. The interview will be posted on my radio’s blog (original audio) and also on my workplace’s blog (in German transcription) and then I will link it, so I won’t talk too much about it, I do that later on other sites, so yeah, you see, typical band-crush hence overexposure of everything concerning that certain band.

The great thing about True Widow is this delicate beauty that lies within those heavy, nearly brutal walls of metal/doom. The recorded music is stellar but I advise everyone who can, to see them live, I’ve discovered details and nuances in the music that I might not have, if I only had listened to the albums. True Widow make me feel as if I am floating and I am never quite sure, whether it’s in dark waters or high in the clouds (stormy or not), this massive noise that surrounds you makes you lose your orientation and then those tender vocals from Dan and Nicole just grab you and make you realize where you are, only to let go again. If you ever (voluntarily) got lost in the woods and just heard the rustling of the leaves and saw the shards of sun through the trees and then found your way back, you might know, what I mean. There is peace in letting go of every sense of direction when diving into True Widow’s music, especially, as they balance the power of their instrumentals with the vocals and those incredibly thought-out guitar-lines that (and this is meant as a compliment) easily could have turned into songwriter-tunes but feel perfectly comfortable within those brooding compositions.

So, listen to them, buy their records, come on, their second album is called “As high as the highest heavens and from the center to the circumference of the earth” which is quite possibly one of the most beautiful album titles, I’ve ever heard (add to that their next to otherworldly bandname), it’s worth it. Visit their shows, have a chat with them, do the whole Facebook-liking, put them on every mixtape, even the one that you plan to have sex to, mention them, whenever someone needs a music tip and mention them, when no one asks but you just feel like it (could be the new way to break awkward silence!!!). This is a band that deserves a lot more attention and love, so let’s give it to them,  spread the word.

Meanwhile, I spread my absolute favourite song by them…

*Well ok, they did pay me but not enough to compliment them THAT much.

Before I include the dia-show: I know that these photos are not the best, heck, I might be not the best photographer but this time I really mucked it up, so I am not trying to pretend that these are deliberately fuzzy because of the fuzzy sound of True Widow (although…). But I had my reasons, ok? There was no real stage, so we were eye to eye and I am always aware that a camera in the face is something incredibly uncomfortable, so I just hastily took a couple of pictures, hoped for the best and put the camera back in the bag, so I and everyone else could enjoy the show without me bothering everyone.  To make it up, I added a couple of atmospheric mood-shots from the night of the show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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