Halloween Superinterviewspecial, plus some personal nightmare story that will be awkward for both of us

Now, the murder songs where really fun but I got another thing coming for you and I don’t mean it in the horror-movie threatening way but rather in a nice, surprising way. Unless, though, you find surprises threatening…

So, for the last couple of weeks, one of my non-music-related questions (every interview needs those just to wrap it up and/or bring the mood up) was what scared the bands shitless as kids and even though intended as being just a Halloween-special, I might keep that question, because the answers were really entertaining in all cases and brought some hilarious insights into the childhood memories of the artists. Whilst having been played on my local radio of choice last Friday, I thought it would be a shame if I wouldn’t share those bits with my few but very dear blog readers, so as a one-off, I am going to post the bits here, even if they are also on the radio’s blog. However, here I can also talk a bit about my personal fears as a kid without feeling weird, because I don’t have to be a professional journalist on my blog, oh no, not this gal! Here, I can dump all the traumatic memories of my disturbing childhood in all their glory, muahahahaha!

(Also pretty disturbing: having your mom give you a murderdoll for your birthday. Way to be passive aggressive, mom!)

Now, I am not doing that many interviews, because I somehow have to make a living as well and therefore have a 9 to 5 job besides playing music journalist in my spare time (that’s when I get my journalist hat on – that with the pen in the hatband – and my Clark Kent fake-glasses). But I got four bands and with my own tale of terror, it’s a handy 5, alas, no 6 which would have fit so much more. So, everyone is invited to add a terrifying tale in the comment section (oh, and I know, whenever I suggest anything like that, the comment section will be a deserted island…someone really should invent tumbleweeds for comment sections on this blog).

British Sea Power

Little Autobiographic fun-fact here: my dad was scared to death by Jaws as a kid and hid behind the couch when the family watched it. He didn’t have the smooth skills of my grandpa, who just left the room saying that the movie was silly. Another fun-fact: I watched it like a man, and given that the men in my family were not the rolemodels there, I should add that I watched it like a non-related man.

DZ Deathrays

I didn’t mention it in the interview but not because I didn’t want to lose my cool but I actually forgot about it: when we watched ET in the cinema (I must have been 5, maybe 6) we had to leave the freaking room because I cried so hard at the scene where he is sick. I mean, seriously, watch that movie again, it’s so creepy, he might be friendly but he stroke fear in the hearts of kids everywhere with that scene. And thanks to Kate “boring” Perry, I can’t even find it on youtube because everyone has tagged her video with E.T. Damn you Kate Perry!

The Airborne Toxic Event

I suppose, that this might be too much information about me for anyone with remote psychological knowledge but sometimes, I think that a post-apocalyptic world wouldn’t be that bad. You know, less stress and hectic, less people…ok, the homicidal biker gangs and Kevin Costner delivering my mail and/or trying to find land would be a little bit annoying but apart from that? Well, I said “sometimes”, so it’s rather a romanticized vision of a less loud and crowded earth instead of the death-wish to most of humanity.

True Widow

Now, the last one was my favorite because – as everyone can hear – we were all crying of laughter, when Slim told his story and when Dan continued his, I didn’t mention it but I only thought of my mom who actually pretended to leave the room after she said goodnight and turned off the lights and then came up close to scare me. True story.

So it’s not just dads who can traumatize their kids on a very effective level, no moms do it too and I suppose – given the thought my mom put into this “joke” aka “another reason why I will go to therapy, once I can afford it” – moms are even better at it because they are pure evil and despise their offspring. But this wasn’t the most scary thing in my childhood, oh no, far from it. It was this (in the vein of the other answers as audio with a quivering voice and tears in my eyes…and a lot longer because I ramble a lot (please ignore my bad grammar and weird vocabulary and even weirder pronounciation):

I wish I was kidding, I really do.

Nothing to scare you? Well, this might do the trick (if you don’t know Garth Marenghi, hurry and catch up, few things are as magical as this piece of awesomeness):


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