The next new Sci-Fi classic: Hardwired!

In a world where 2009 movies look like they’re from the 90s, where Hackers still have weirdly coloured hair and just bang on a keyboard and where Val Kilmer and Cuba Gooding Jr. put shame on their previous careers. In a world, where the only redeeming factor is Val Kilmer’s hilarious hairpiece: Hardwired – never ever coming to your cinema and struggling to find a DVD outlet…soon!

Boy, do I love these kind of movies…It kinda reminds me of the usually quite bad Sci-Fi episodes of Outer Limits, sparsely decorated sets, odd music and actors that have seen better days.

You actually expect Cuba Gooding Jr. to just stop in the middle of the movie, sigh and rub his temple, mumbling “what am I doing here, what is this, I mean, this is the 21st. century, we kinda know how hacking works and this is not it, what are these aquariums, did a 50-year old with no concept of the internet write this script, why the hell am I here?” I still wonder whether he actually didn’t get any good roles after his Academy Award or just didn’t give a shit because he already showed that he can act and now can live his true passion: really really really bad straight-to-VHS-movies (I suppose, a movie like this doesn’t have the technical groundwork to be put on a DVD). I mean, I get Val Kilmer, he revels in clichéd villain roles, just like Sir Ben Kingsley and John Malkovic (it seems as if being the villain in a bad movie is acceptable, being the good guy is your downfall). Why did you just give up, Cuba? Why?


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