Geographer: Myth

You know what I really hate? Music that lifts me up and keeps me from staring out the window with a sigh on my lips. Therefore, I am really glad that Geographer exist, a three-piece from the shiny and apparently very depressing San Francisco.

Their new album “Myth” puts me in pretty much the same state as HEALTH’s “In Violet” which means that I get this thousand mile stare.

But seriously, Geographer mix the oh so hot Electro-spheres with great vocals that remind me of the 80s when so many bands had these clear and high man-vocals that hardly anyone can really carry off live, very airy and yearning and all the girls go “Aw”*. And to please the dancing crowd, they also threw in one, two dancefloor hits like “Lover’s Game” which is pretty, but not as captivating as their soundscape-pieces.

My personal favourite, the trophy that all musicians aspire, goes to “The myth of Youth” which seems upbeat but is more sneaky in carrying a sense of despair in a strutting rhythm section and a melody that anyone can memorize easily.

By the way, the band is on the label Tricycle records where you can get a mighty fine compilation of their artists for free, you just have to enter your name and one of the mail adresses you use for spam mails…just kidding, of course a newsletter by a good label is not spam.

*It took me a while but I go with Aha when it comes to unreliable band-comparisons but only when it comes to the vocals, so don’t hate more than you should.

One other thing and for everyone who hates childish profanities, you might stop reading right now! Are the lamos gone? Ok, usually, I am pretty good at keeping the silly kid tamed when it comes to ambiguous band- or songnames, but seriously, Geographers: “Night Winds”? Really? Don’t blame me when you play a show in Berlin, announce this song and get drowned in at least one person giggling her ass off.


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