Po Po: Dope Boy Magick

People, seriously, get your names and your album covers straight. I nearly missed this insane psychedelic-dancerock outfit because the album cover for “Dope Boy Magick” (I am not even touching that bandname) looks like someone got really high and took some random picture with his mobile camera.

But then you enter the world of Po Po (German readers, you are so allowed to crack up right now) and it’s like The Music have been reincarnated with a heavy dose of oriental influences. I am listening to the second song of the album right now (“Final Fight”) and am already blown away. There is so much happening and it has a lot of elements that shouldn’t work together (there is even some weird 90s Eurodance feeling to it) but it does. Po Po are like this cocktail I recently discovered (ginger ale, lemon juice and cucumber) – it sounds hella weird but is very delicious.

However, in contrast to the cocktail (which really, really was great) it can get a little bit messy now and then (“Knife iz young” was a tad too much for me) but the album redeems itself in the following “Holy Mountain” which feels like every drug-scene in every hippie-movie ever made.

(the video is what people like to call “the weird part of youtube”)

Is it bad that I now dearly miss The Music and want them to get back together again and travel through the orient?

Edit/120303: Aaaaand I misspelled the album title, that’s what you get when you write those things when you are tired and at the same time very hyper from too much coffee. Also, when you are an inconsiderate ass that doesn’t even bother to check the correct name twice, oh wait, I did write it correctly in the tags…what the hell? Well, all is good now…I hope.


18 thoughts on “Po Po: Dope Boy Magick

  1. Doesn’t even sound that weird, if you ask me, but “and cucumber”? How does that work? Do you blend the cucumber, or do you just stick it on the rim of the glass as decoration?
    Do you drink the cocktail from a hollowed-out cucumber?
    Oh, nice music, by the way.


    1. You just cut it as if you would make a salad and put it in the drink. It’s a little like a Caipirinha except that the ingredients are completely different. However, the hollowed out cucumber would be awesome I ask for that the next time I get this drink.


      1. Doesn’t sound bad. Actually, I can imagine Ginger Ale and lemon juice going together quite well. But isn’t a slice of cucumber basically the same as adding a very small amount of water?


      2. give the cucumber some credit, a little taste is in there and especially in summer it’s oh so refreshing. Unless they don’t put a load of ice in there, I think it won’t get too watery. Maybe we should start a new blog where we discuss the sense of certain cocktails we could be the Roger Ebert of cocktails.


      3. All right then, I’ll try to work around my prejudice against cucumbers. I even happen to have all ingredients available due to a recent party. I’ll just go ahead and try it.


      4. well, you took one for the team, so on behalf of the other readers: thanks. I still fondly remember it but maybe I was too drunk to actually care what it tasted like.


      5. obviously, look at the consequences: recommending horrible drinks to my readers! I guess an intervention is in order.


      6. of course, like, if I wouldn’t already have opened this bottle of wine I am holding right now, I would totally not drink it. But after this…it’s no booze for at least two weeks days.


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