Anais Mitchell: Young Man in America

As soon as I hear a violin in the background and ghost-like background vocals that remind me of a hut in the woods and someone chucking wood in front of it, I am calmly falling in love.

Which is why Anais Mitchell tames me within seconds with her album “Young Man in America”.

The Americana styled album is perfectly composed, there are many classic folk and country elements and instruments but they appear very light and make Anais’ voice still the most powerful instrument of all amidst them.

Furthermore, Anais tells us stories and deals with themes that I personally have found in numerous albums lately but that generally (thinking of all the hundreds of albums being released daily) don’t find as much attention as they should: childhood and growing up, even more so being grown up but still dealing with childhood and parenthood as well. According to the internet, she addresses the recession which fits the musical atmosphere and which sadly enough fits the angsty atmosphere of present news as well.

This is simply beautiful and I am a little mad at myself for not having paid much attention to her before.


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