Lazy Sunday: Obama in my kitchen

In my hometown, there was this kitchen store with wholly furnished kitchen suggestions in the windows which changed every other month. With a little bowl of fruits on the table and maybe a coffee cup on the counter to create a setting in which the passer-by could envision himself and head into the store to buy a kitchen.

I love those, one of the great things of wandering around any furniture store (except IKEA because all the kids ruin it every single time!) is sitting in one of those make-belief rooms and imagine that you’re in a lifetime tv movie and your daughter gets internet bullied or your husband has a drug problem.

However, the kitchen store in this scenario always featured a mannequin – which are never a good idea because I can’t imagine myself in a kitchen together with a creepy mannequin. Furthermore, this mannequin was female and always on her own, even worse, she was always sitting at the kitchen table with a bottle of wine and a glass as if she was expecting her partner to take her out somewhere fancy and passed the time by getting severely drunk.

Now, as a mid-twenties student I happened to walk by every other night after a party and seeing her there in the dim lights sitting at the table waiting for someone who would never come in the middle of the night was the most depressing thing ever (also, I expected that she had a drinking problem).

But she was eventually what I envisioned as the typical kitchen store mannequin and the life of all housewives in tv movies. ‘This is, how a kitchen store sells it’s stuff’, I thought.

Now imagine my surprise when I walked past a kitchen store in Berlin and saw…wait what? Obama?

I am honest, I would love to make up a story about him (and that’s the purpose of those windows, they want to create a story, don’t they?) but my imagination fails me because:

a.) why is there a miniature boat on the table?

b.) what’s that thing on the floor?

c.) Does Obama want me to sit next to him? If so, will it be to drink all the wine behind him together?

d.) Will this be a casual Obama meeting with contemporary musicians and comedians or will we talk about the fading middle class of America and the dire situation between Iran and Israel? If so, I am really not prepared.

e.) seriously, why is there a miniature boat on the table?


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