Favourite Song: Willy Mason ‘Restless Fugitive’

Oh my, he’s back, hail to Facebook and people who post stuff because without Mason’s duet with Lianne la Havas (of whom I’ve never heard, shall I be embarrassed about that?) I never would have gotten to know that Willy Mason releases his third album soon.

Back in the days of 2007 (I think), I was head over heels in love with “If the ocean gets rough”, his new single “restless fugitive” of the soon to be released and yet unnamend third album is quite impressive, being a lot darker than we know him, with an Elbow-quality in percussion and the guitar giving it a bigger feel as his previous material that held its strength in its intimacy.

I have to think of “Running to stand still” here but as soon as Willy starts singing, it’s all his, there is no way denying that he has one of the most powerful voices of contemporary songwriters, it bleeds soul.

So, he looks a little rougher on the promo photos (well, I guess everyone does nowadays) but no shirt and trousers, instead a fancy suit. I feel like he needs a hug, though, if I am looking at that picture too long.

ah, back to boyishly short hair and jeans-shirt combo. Still looks like a good old hug would be nice, though. Oh you melancholic songwriters, when will you learn that you should keep a personal hugger with you at all times?


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