Spinner loves you this SXSW

SXSW is happening and Spinner.com (easily one of my top three sources for new music) has yet again offered a glorious triplet of great music from musicians of this year’s festival.

‘Nough said, just follow the link and bath in this fine music, maybe you can even pretend that you’re in Texas. I already did last Sunday, rubbed in BBQ sauce and with a cowboy hat as big as the moon, pretending to believe in God out of fear to get beaten up by an angry mob of conservative Christians that just existed in my head. I had a mighty fine time…

PS: I accidentally started this in German…change is always hard. Like the one time that I temporarily was a vegetarian and forgot that when my mom offered me some chicken. I remembered about an hour later and felt inexplicably guilty, even though I really didn’t owe anyone anything. One thing is for sure: as a carnivore you only regret food if it is the reason you spend the rest of the night looking at a toilet bowl full of vomit – wait, this post started with SXSW how the hell did I get here?


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