If you’re gonna be dumb…leave me alone.

Sometimes I am just flabberghasted how difficult we make each other’s life just because we don’t listen or read thoroughly. The many many times I had to go out of my way to explain things just because someone didn’t read this one sentence that explained everything perfectly – the only number they amount to is the times that someone had to explain something to me because I didn’t pay attention the first time.

One of the very few memories I have of the symptom of MTV’s downfall, Jackass, is the one where Steve-O does something nasty and there’s this country tune (by Roger Alan Wade) in the background “if you gotta be dumb you gotta be tough”. Unfortunately, that song is a lie because it should be “if you gotta be dumb, everyone else has to have a huge amount of patience to deal with you” but I guess that’s not as easy to sing.


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