Born to be prancing around in spring

Whenever the sun comes out and it gets a tiny little bit warmer, people go apeshit, me included. Like eating outside but taking off the jacket, despite having just worn it on the way to the freaking diner. And then putting it on after being done with eating, although the weather hasn’t really changed after the plate was cleaned. Well, I just classify this as an act of mysterious cool instead of stupidity.

Another thing that happens, when spring is around the corner: I get all giddy and start to listen to a lot of 60s and 70s music. Obviously to prepare myself for coming heatwaves because nothing prepares you more than the dizzying highs of a good psychedelic classic rock song.

There might be a bigger article for my favourite songs during spring on the way but I wouldn’t bet on it. Right now, I feel like writing one but I might get distracted by a balloon in 5 minutes and then that would be it.


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