No music for you! Kate Beaton’s tumblr

I love Kate Beaton and I love “Hark! A vagrant”. She is very dedicated to history and everything pre-60s and always manages to dig up very interesting characters or rather unknown character traits of famous figures. Her modern takes on them in her cartoons are hilarious and I would hang every image in my parlour, if I had a parlour.

I just found out about her tumblr which is rather a collection of what she found out during research and considered interesting enough. Mingled are sketches and youtube clips of old movies. It’s like finding a box full of jewelery and photographs in the attic (if you have an attic).

On another note: I welcome everyone who accidentally got on this blog whilst Googling “prancing around in women’s panties”. I see some devious search-terms now and then that my inconspicuous blog name is a little ashamed of but this is world-class and now I will spend the rest of the day imagining how a serious prance-off would look like, women’s panties and all.


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