Gabriel and the Hounds: Yes, the bandname relates to Kate Bush

And it also reminds of Peter Gabriel and we all know how great this combination is. But Gabriel and the Hounds can happily exist without those heavy weight names looming above because the album “Kiss full of teeth” is a gorgeous surprise hidden underneath a very beautiful indiealbum. Because at first it is all Marmaduke Duke cool but then there are those beautiful Divine Comedy elements that are thrown in in a way that you at first think some stupid pop up window started playing, but no, it’s Gabriel and the Hounds who thinks that it’s very uncool to go by the numbers and instead randomly throws in a gorgeous orchestral arrangement into a simple songwriter tune that on its own already was captivating enough but now turns into something mythical.

“Lovely Thief” is Number 4 on the album and was the moment when I started to think that this was not just a very good album but something special that takes you places.It’s like magical realism put into music, when everything is normal at the beginning and suddenly the sky opens up and a winged creature winks at you before letting a ray of sunshine through.And suddenly you see all those little details that are a little unusual, a little brighter than daylight, a little more colourful.

(unfortunately, the most usual of his songs is also the only one I could find but you have to belief me, Oz does exist!)

You know, I listen to a lot of music every week and every week I am scared that I won’t be able to discover something that truly amazes me. But here I am, every single week, gushing about some new or old band. I am very glad to live in this day and age of music.


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