Favourite Song: U.S. Royalty – Sleepy Eyes

Last year, they put out one of my top 5 retro albums, meaning music that has a certain 60s/70s rock feel to it. Next to White Denim, Tame Impala, Mink Mussel Creek and The Donkeys, they showed that this genre is far from repetitive and I am very glad that they are still the relaxed and laid back version of this kind of music, that let’s you just drift away.

Their new song “Sleepy Eyes” therefore delivers everything you always wanted in a song that will take you places on a long and smooth ride.

I love their harmonies and the certain Americana sound and the way that this song sounds as if it is designed to be played on endless fields of grass. It’s very difficult to have these “stadium sounds” without the feared U2 effect (which is ending somewhere very cheesy at some point, KoL caught it, and look where they started out…everyone can catch it, no one is safe!).

The band hands out the song for free, so grab it. And while you’re at it, listen to their album “Mirrors”, it’s a little more classic rock (Fleetwood Mac lovers will dig “Monte Carlo”) than “Sleepy Eyes” and so cool that you will suddenly walk with a swagger (I actually wanted to post one of those old cartoons with really swag walking characters but all I could find were racist cartoons that felt uncomfortable).

This happens everytime. So I was looking for a cartoon and then I stumbled upon this one and I can’t keep it to myself:

I loved this and thinking of it, it reminds me a little of the the intro to “Up”, maybe it was a little reference? I don’t know, what I do know is that this is adorable. And ironic, considering that this is against capitalism. In a time where Cars 2 merch is burying Kindergardeners everywhere, this is pretty cute. Oh, I love you little house.


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