Lonely Drifter Karen ‘Poles’: I got a little weird when I wrote this review

Lonely Drifter Karen is a trio from Austria, Spain and Italy and they sound like a freaky but cool dream, they really do.

We shall thank Tanja Frinta for this band and therefore only adress her as Ms Awesomepants from now on because she started this as a solo project when she was living in Sweden. She then moved to Barcelona, because all Europeans ever do is Backpacking (me too, I write this from a cat temple in Burma). There, Ms Awesomepants met drummer Giorgio Menossi and Marc Melia Sobrevias who arranges those diddly melodies to great pieces that evoke a weird feeling of 70s science fiction soundtracks.

At times, for example with songs like „Velvet Rope“, there is the electro experimentation going on that Peter Gabriel did for The Lamb (and Frank Zappa did a lot, too) but the next song is all different, also thanks to Ms Awesomepant’s ever changing vocals.

I feel like I have to listen to this album at least a hundred times to acknowledge everything that is going on because there are small guitar bits of three chords that amaze me, while I am totally missing out on the hilariously cartoonish beat and the crazy background vocals. It’s a circus. No wait, I don’t like the circus. It’s one of those science museums where you can touch everything and where they have cool things like mummified fish and huge dinosaur sceletons.

They are like the Residents but for the Pop-fan. And I know how horribly inaccurate this is but seriously, they are all over the place with their sounds and it all works which is not compatible with my robotic music nerd brain.

They already have two albums out, but I haven’t heard those, so all I say here is based on „Poles“ which is so so entertaining and colourful in a way that I think, Noel Fielding would love them very much (in fact, the album cover reminded me a lot of Fielding’s collaborations with Nigel Coan.

You might also like*: Huge eyeballs staring at you whilst handing you a velvet cupcake

*This is new, I will try this out just to goof around even more than I already do.


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