No music for you: The Bouletcorp ‘Darkness’

This I found through Kate Beaton’s tumblr. It’s by a French who fortunately also writes in English because even if I had French at school, I was too lazy to really learn it, also, my teacher was not very good and every exam we got back smelled of cigarettes and sometimes even had wine stains on it.

But Bouletcorp is brilliant, even if he doesn’t like cat-related material on the internet (I never thought that people like this existed). His strips are usually his experiences as a comic artist, his journeys, and some pop cultural stuff because you can’t go without.

But this strip especially is not only hilarious but also very true. It’s about people that seem to exude an aura of irresistable sex appeal. In men it’s usually the mysterious type (think of a troubled Johnny Depp, even if he hasn’t played that one lately), for the girls usually the “Natalie Portman” (think of Natalie Portman). I know because I’ve been friends with people like that and it can be very hard always hanging out with girls that make you look like a frumpy old blob and hanging out with guys that always have their crowd of groupies hanging around that get jealous at everything.

It might be the main reason why I am so loud and always have to be funny but let’s not get to Freudian here.

I love it.


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