Favourite Song: U.S. Royalty – The Desert won’t save you

U.S. Royalty again. I got the album on my mp3 player and was able to listen to it whilst walking through the city, which is always the best way for me to really get into music.

And this song blew my mind. I would recommend listening to it through headphones or great speakers because it will creep into your brain and do things to it that you won’t understand but will appreciate.

I love songs that make me feel like I am ten feet tall and rule the universe. There are theories on art, where the artist reaches a state during the process where he is essentially close to the natural process of creation, meaning that he is not just copying something (which art essentially is) but actually creating something that surpasses the copy and becomes its own.

When I listen to music like this, I really feel it, and yeah, I know how crazy that sounds. But seriously, when music just can take you someplace new that does feel like you’ve been there before at the same time…there’s gotta be more to it than just a nice melody. And no, I am not high right now, even if I sound like it. Dudes, it’s the music, man, it’s all in the music.

Probably also, because I recently wrote about Led Zeppelin and therefore listened to Led Zep a lot and am still dizzy. If Zep can’t take you places, not even a hurricane of OZ-proportions could…

But seriously, this song is awesome and it makes me a bit angry that U.S. Royalty don’t seem to get the attention they should get. Get these guys some stadiums and coats made of gold, NOW!

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