The Mars Volta: Noctourniquet will haunt you in your dreams and quite possibly kill you

So, I started the week by listening to and writing about the new Mars Volta album which is not a good way to start the week because the album is brilliant and very intense but also completely weird and it got me in a weird mood that I couldn’t shake off for pretty much all day.

Which is awesome considering how powerful this album is but I should have waited till Wednesday, which is a good day for odd music.

Have you ever wondered how The Mars Volta would sound like if they channeled Tom Waits? No, of course you didn’t who the hell would? But The Mars Volta don’t give a damn about the limitations of your imagination and have done just that with “The Malkin Jewel” and the images in my head always show me a dark cellar and someone trying to kill me when I listen to it. Happy Monday!

Most songs are quite short, well, relatively to what these guys usually do. But they still knock you out, I have no idea why so many reviews talked about a more approachable album because apart from maybe “Empty Vessels make the loudest sound” and “Zed and two naughts” (which I love because the drums are insane on this), most songs are just condensed pieces of alienating soundscapes and the religious symbolism is incredibly creepy, like an old, dark catholic church at night.

Maybe it’s because I am trained to progressive rock monsters and therefore don’t find a 20 minutes song exhausting but I feel that some of their new songs are a lot more demanding because they punch you with everything that previously had a lot more time to unfold. “The Whip Hand” alone is like an open wound.

Also, I have dystopian 60s/70s Science Fiction movies in mind when I listen to this album. I told you, it gets me in a weird mood.

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2 thoughts on “The Mars Volta: Noctourniquet will haunt you in your dreams and quite possibly kill you

  1. Dystopische SF-Filme assoziiere ich zwar nicht, weil ich die nicht sehe, weil ich davon Plaque kriege, aber der Song mundet.
    Hoppla, das war ja deutsch.
    Pardon, kommt nicht wieder vor.


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