Young Colossus: it’s a music fan’s dream

It might come as a surprise but I am a Maccabees fan. I know, I know, I never really mention them on this blog but yeah, I love them since their first album (coincidentally, I love them since their song „First Love“) and try to have an eye on what they are up to.

Which brings me to this little ditty which is an artistic project by Orlando Weeks, my preferred daydream-husband and singer of the Maccabees.

That he’s not only a great musician but also dabbles with art is already known by all stalkers fans that have seen the beautiful visual blog posts for the Maccabees tours in which he usually depicts the cities in minimalistic imagery

But he also writes, apparently, as is shown in „Young Colossus“ a book illustrated by Robert Hunter, backed up by the wonderful Alessi (from Alessi’s Ark) in vocals because – colour me overwhelmed – the book also comes with 6 songs.

I – quite uncharacteristically – ordered it within seconds of hearing about it and will soon tell you all about it in annoying detail, when it hits my mail box

But even before my 500 pages special on it, you are invited to take a look at some of the images and listen to one song and feel magically levitating to a timeless place of colours and calm. You might even feel the need to order one even before having read my manifesto about it, or having seen the documentary I am planning on it and I urge you: do it.

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Edit 120303:

This is seriously amazing. I can’t wait to have the whole book in my hands and write my life story about it.


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