No music for you: Julia Wertz comics

You get the drift, don’t you? I am not a big blog reader (I have 2, maybe three that I visit frequently and none of them are music blogs. It’s not arrogance or anything, I just haven’t found the right one yet, I guess) but I do love my online comics more than anything.

So as heart breaking as it was to hear that the island of dreams aka Pizza Island (a Brooklyn working studio for only the best female cartoonists out there) was closed, as much reason it gave me to introduce me to some other inhabitants than just Kate Beaton and Meredith Gran. Julia Wertz, for example, is less about storyline or historical hilarities but more every day life and I can relate to quite a few in a way that makes me wonder whether that is good or bad – which is good, I guess.

like this:

or this (sigh):

oh my god and this one:

I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to mixtapes, especially for other people. Back in the tape-days I was very crazy about it. Every song had to connect to the other in one way or the other, sometimes lyrically, thematically, musically or whatever. Most of the times the connections where so miniscule that no one but me ever would detect them. But I knew…

Sometimes I get out my own mixtapes and get embarrassed about certain songs that I apparently listened to a lot during that time. Like “apologize” by One Republic which is not as long ago as I want it to be.

To sum it up: I love Julia Wertz, autobiographical comics are in my opinion very hard to do because honesty is difficult as fuck and to still be funny about self-reflection is a balance act (it can get depressing and/or boring). But Julia does it and she is amazeballs at it (new favourite word, I am about 14 years too old to use it but fuck it). Did anyone ever think of saying something like “I am a walking Morrissey lyric” in a comic? Wertz did and therefore earns every internetz I could gather up this week.

I always wanted to do an autobiographical comic and for some time I actually posted occasional ones on my other, neglected basement-child-blog but I was always too lazy to actually do it on a regular basis (drawing is hard, you guys). I am very happy that people who are a lot better at that than me are not as lazy and unimaginative and create something that we all can cling to when we need something to cheer us up or make us think or just need a little dick-joke to get through the day.


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