That was the month that was: March in music and mostly random rambling

Sooooo…March, ey? What a month.

I had and still have to endure a lot of appointments at the dentist, nothing too horrifying but I am apparently a very whiny little girl when someone pokes around my gums and I do not like to have a whole tool box crammed in my mouth. I spent a long time in that chair not thinking of one single dentist horror movie moment (and there are many) thinking only of the “Ring” scenes, when they show the corpses and their mouths are so wide open like little wells of death.

(God, that movie…I had night sweats for 7 days after watching it and I slept opposite to my fucking television set and I am usually really no pansy when it comes to horror movies)

Speaking of wells, I caught up on The Walking Dead and soon will get the graphic novels because apparently they don’t feature a bunch of people that do everything to get killed (like, 50% of the cast can’t and won’t handle a gun? I am all for non-violence but during a zombie outbreak I will be the first one to stock up on guns and sharp objects to ram into zombie’s heads, I will literally make a vest out of those sharp objects).

Weirdly enough, not that many people get killed in that show, even though they clearly would deserve it. I also find it weird, that no one calls the zombies “zombies”. Are we to assume that this plays in an alternative universe where the fictional concept of zombies never existed? I don’t care for that, especially as “Walkers” is a stupid name.

(wouldn’t have been the same…)

That also led me to think a lot more about a dooming apocalypse scenario than usual (usual = every other week). I got out Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide and I keep on wondering whether the toilet paper situation that so far has only been mentioned in “Supernatural” but no other tv/cinema apocalyptic scenario ever, would be as horrible as I imagine it to be. There is a book about sh**ing in the woods and I will put it on my birthday wishlist just to be on the safe side in case the 21st of December actually will turn the world into Mad Max.

So, in case you are then looking for an invaluable member of your group that knows all about that – I am your girl. Also – I am really good with puns.

Wait, what does this “that was the month that was” turn into?

Music, ah yes, because this started out as a monthly feature about the previous month’s music. Ahem.

Well, I got a spotify account and love it so much that words cannot describe it. My ultimate goal of life is to create playlists for every imaginable situation (zombie apocalypse included, I inform you as soon as it is ready) and spotify is the best tool for it because I do buy a lot of CDs and MP3s but I still don’t have the 10000 bucks to get me all the CDs I want and even then I would need a shitload of other singles whose albums are just not worth it and there is no end to the songs I like – really, there isn’t.

I spent the weekend digging through great 90s alternative music and called the playlist “my teenage 90s” – totally lying because while bands like Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Blind Melon were awesome, I wasted my time on horrible boygroups and Eurotrash. So the appropriate title for the playlist would be “my imaginary teenage 90s”.

I always thought that the great pathos of the 80s didn’t translate well to the 90s but there is a grandeur to many 90s alt-songs that is hard to ignore. Obviously I love pathos because when I dance in my room and try to sing along very badly, it’s a lot more fun if I can throw myself into it, so my neighbours/stalkers have something to (s)talk about.

My favourite vintage band of the month therefore is ALL THE ALTROCK BANDS OF THE 90s!

I spent the rest of the month mostly listening to Robert Jones, U.S. Royalty and the Maccabees (and some Tu Fawning, because they are awesome). And I found two really cheesy 80s pop songs that are amazing and that I wrote down sometime last year but then forgot.

(so…were John Mellencamp and Joey Lawrence the same person? Also, it’s so cute how they pretend that this is rock)

(it’s so cute how he pretends that this is a shirt)

The invention of the month:

I’d like to have coffee cans that register when someone takes the last coffee and then doesn’t put on new coffee. And then, when that person tries to get another coffee, they just trigger a huge alarm and then wild hounds get released, quite possibly Resident Evil zombie hounds because fuck em, I don’t even drink that nasty coffee at work but I still make coffee when I am first in the morning, it’s not like it takes 3 hours to do it, it’s 5 minutes tops, these people are the reason why I know that society is doomed!

I compiled a list of the best Zep songs last week and this was the last one I added and then I had to listen to it about 5-10 times because it’s so powerful. One of my top 3 rock bands of all times. And to think that I hated them as a kid…


9 thoughts on “That was the month that was: March in music and mostly random rambling

  1. I was a little disappointed by the walking dead. I would have been a lot more disappointed if I’d expected anything much.
    The Ring actually didn’t scare me half as much as that very mediocre horror flick about ventriloquist puppets, whatsitsname… Oh yes, Dead Silence.
    I made the mistake of watching it while keoni wasn’t home and had to go to bed alone afterwards, and damn, I hate those puppets.


    1. I blame my best friend for “Ring”. We always magnified each other’s fear when we went to the cinema. I really have to rewatch “Dead Silence” because it did nothing for me, I just found it weird and silly but there are so many lists of “best horror” where it appears. And “The Walking Dead” – I guess it helps if you don’t know the graphic novels because those that do hate the series with passion.


      1. What? No. Inconceivable! Dead Silence is not by any stretch of the imagination a good, let alone a best horror movie. It is extremely silly, you’re right, and there’s no need to watch it again.
        You could just let me watch one of those puppets sit around for an hour and a half, and I would be profoundly scared. No special merit of the moviemakers.
        I also don’t see how anyone could hate the walking dead. It’s so harmless and uninteresting, that’s like passionately hating a doornob, or a pencil. But then, people do that kind of stuff.


      2. Maybe puppets don’t bother me that much because my grandparents had a lot of handpuppets when I was a kid. They really look scary because they are selfmade and kinda weird (If you want, I can post a picture of them, it’ll be a nightmare for free) but my family played a lot of cool stories and sketches with them so I never had reason to be scared.
        I kinda wish more people would passionately hate doornobs. It maybe would put their hate off other things. That would actually make a good self-help book. “Concentrate the hate” or something like that.


      3. I’m not sure if concentrating hate works. Seems more like hatred is one of those things that tend to spread if you cultivate it anywhere at all.
        Would be like leaving some fruit to rot in your kitchen to protect other foodstuffs by concentrating the mold.
        But I would love to see a picture of those puppets.


      4. Wouldn’t it be great if there would be one object on earth that is so weird to hate that it would completely erase the hate? I wonder what kind of object that could be, somehow I feel it could be found in the kitchen or the bathroom, many objects there to not give a damn about…and concerning the puppet picture: consider it to be done, I’ll try to put it up this week. I hope, the moths haven’t destroyed them all.


      5. not bad. it starts out a little cheesy but gets better.I only have breakup songs about hate in mind right now which wouldn’t fit the topic. dang. Maybe every Morrissey song ever? He is not too fond of people, is he?


      6. He sure has a lot of hate. But then, there are so many horrible songs about love that the occasional hate-song can be quite a relief.


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