SPOT the nerd

I really tried, guys, I listened into a lot of albums throughout the week but I am either not in the mood right now or this week’s releases – at least of those bands, I haven’t covered already – are not too exciting for me.

What is exciting however, is the fact that I somehow managed to squeeze into the Berlin party bus for the Danish SPOT festival in May which features Scandinavian artists and bands – a lot of them.

This means that I will try to have a listen to all throughout April and maybe I pick up something nice and write about it.

Also – because I am not capable of following simple instructions, I got the last “actually not last but someone dropped out”-spot and therefore am sharing one room with three guys – hilarity ensues.

You will definitely hear some amazing forever alone stories afterwards, I might even include some rage comics if the vale of tears allows me to see anything.

coincidentally, this is the exact look of my pyjamas, including my night-glasses…

But seriously, this is a great thing because this festival features new bands, so it’s no Hurricane festival (which is great but seriously at least 2 years behind musical trends which apparently sells best) and I actually get to know some new acts which I then can mention everywhere and when they get famous, I can turn into my best hipster impression and tell everyone how I saw them back in 2012 when not everyone wore hammer pants and tracksuit jackets but – haha, the crazy fashions of 2012 – skinny fit jeans and ironic wolf t-shirts.

May will be the festival month for me as I also work at the Immergut again despite telling myself every year that I never again will camp at a festival because camping at a festival is the worst.

So, that was an update of things to come which always sound very self-important but I just did this because I didn’t want to write a post about this really old band with their really great song that I should’ve known already but just didn’t.

This is the first song of “my zombie apocalypse playlist” on spotify which I am very serious about but which will take some time because believe it or not but appropriate songs that are not Dark/Goth/Speed Metal and Doom are very hard to find and no, I will not just add any zombie-themed song because the mood has to fit, come on guys, this is dead serious!

Sorry, Cranberries…and unfortunately, spotify doesn’t have Gavin Castleton who after all wrote a whole zombie-themed record. Damn.


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