Favourite Songs: Alabama Shakes – Hold On

You know what’s really bad if you post a lot of music on facebook, talk about in on the radio and write about it on several blogs? You not only realize that you should get paid a lot more for that but you also forget some great bands on your own private blog because you somehow mentioned them everywhere else.

Enter the Alabama Shakes, an awesome Southern Rock band with an insane singer who I thought was a dude because all southern rock band dudes sound like female soul singers, don’t they? But no, this is the real deal, Brittany Howard is amazing, you literally twitch involuntarily into a weird dance when she sings because it goes through your whole body. So don’t invite someone to their show on your first date, it might get awkward…although, it also might get hot, just listen to this song (one of the best not-yet-summer-but-when-it-comes-this-will-be-amazing-songs this year).

Their Album “Boys and Girls” comes out this month and it is so easy to listen to and just enjoy it, it will be one of those records you really want to listen to when it’s too hot for insane psychedelic rock or hectic indiepop.

Oh hell, here is another one, isn’t this totally Motown meets Rock? Like Al Green met Free and then they built a time machine and travelled to the future to hear what their lovechild would sound like and they found Alabama Shakes and thought: Yep, that’s it, if men were capable of conceiving children, that would be it!


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