Lazy Sunday: some of my childhood memories aka ‘that explains a lot’

You can throw horror movies with puppets at me, I really don’t find them scary. Clowns, maybe because their historical background alone makes for a great scare, also, Stephen King ruined everything innocent about them a long time ago.

But puppets? Bitch, please.

One of the main reasons might be that I had huge (and maybe creepy) hand puppet collection which I absolutely adored. If they had come to life, they could have killed whomever they wanted, I would have been happy as fish.

They all look self made, I later got a few plastic ones but they were never able to replace the original, loved old and haggard puppets. I also had a princess with black hair and a papier maché head but maybe the moths destroyed her completely, I couldn’t find her, which is a shame because I loved her (even though she looked more like a leprosy victim at the end).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Can you guess what they all are supposed to be?)

This post resulted out of the comments for this article, so if you are new to this blog: this is no toy memorabilia blog. Next up, my “my little pony” collection. Ha, speaking of which, my parents always made fun of them because I had a weird baking kitchen with ponies and they said “but ponies don’t have fingers, how the hell can they bake anything?” and then they laughed their smug faces off. And angry me replied: THEY ARE MAGICAL! True story.

And last but not least, an all-time favourite song that fits the occasion to round this post up.


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