Quickie with Dinosaur Feathers and Imaginary Cities

Ok, very short entry because I have to watch “Dexter” and I already spent two hours on the Young Colossus review that will be posted this week.

Dinosaur Feathers have a new album out which is great because it starts out like Indiepop and now and then turns the artsy corner which I named Beatles-Artpop in a post from about two years ago. Oh yes, I was always this bad at inventing new genre-names. Nevermind me, though, enjoy them:

(it’s hilarious, their acoustic sets are full of awkward because if you don’t have a guitar – you won’t know what to do with your hands!)

Imaginary Cities are from Canada and I guess that they will be big because they do this kind of music that you listen to for a while and then suddenly you realize that you really like what you’re hearing. There is a certain Adele-vibe in the vocals but they also remind me of – fuck, what do they remind me of? I’ll come back to that later.

They do have quite a few German fans because they worked together with Thees Uhlman who also covered their song “Hummingbird” (but unfortunately made it slow and dreary – but hey, that’s just my opinion).

“Don’t Cry” is my absolute favourite but for now “Temporary Resident” has to do.

You can listen to both bands on spinner.com this week.


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