Woods of Birnam

I got this video forwarded by a friend who had interviewed Christian Friedel for a not so good movie adaption of an ok book. And in the beginning of the song I honestly thought: Oh well, nice but not really that impressive. But bear with me because this is a grower and turns into a haunting, atmospheric beauty. And as soon as you’ve listened to the song once, you absolutely adore the slow and inconspicuous beginning.

Friedel also played the teacher in “Das weiße Band” (“the white ribbon”) which was an eery and brilliant Austrian movie that – at least for me – shows the strengths of European cinema in scenes that hover in a completely empty room for a long time just to mirror the isolation of small villages and their rigid rules and religious oppression.

Woods of Birnham, Friedel’s band, also consists of members from Polarkreis 18, a band that had the same fate as the Killers, starting as a beloved indie band and then turned famous and unfortunately a little too polished. Don’t get me wrong, if I like a band, I am rooting for them to become famous because dude’s and gal’s gotta pay their rent but if that ends in producers meddling with their stylistic visions and sterile albums – which unfortunately happens to often – I weep a little.

But Woods of Birnham so far don’t seem to have that problem, far from it. It’s also the kind of music I really would like to see and hear live because there is a certain energy that definitely profits from a small and murky club and a lot of wide eyed music fans in front of the stage.

Their debut is supposed to come out by the end of 2012 which is stupid because the world will have fallen to chaos till then but hey, no one listens to me or the other crazy people out there so go on, try releasing an album while demons and zombies roam the earth, at least I won’t have the time to listen to new albums when I am fighting zombies and evil puppets.



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