King of Prussia ‘Transmissions from the Grand Stand’

A thoroughly sweet album that has something of Seabear or the calm side of Kings of Convenience and rocks you to sleep (so listening at work is out of option). On my short research spree I read that there is a mall called „King of Prussia mall“ which is apparently the (second?) largest one in America. Why? Because there is a freaking place in the US of A called King of Prussia and that’s its mall. I swear, when the settlers reached America they just pointed at pieces of land and randomly named them after the first thing that came to their mind and they quite possibly were high all the time.

The album is very 60s in its airy aloofness and the general mood of calm even in upbeat songs like „Transatlantic“. I also feel like this is an album that works very well on the move, you just want to get up and do something when you listen to songs like „Our Fellow Countrymen“.

Behind all this is Brandon Taj Hanick and a bunch of great people who – during the writing process – were scattered all over the world (there was also something about a cheese that tasted of fish which sounds horrifying).

There were 16 musicians involved, I can’t think of the horrors to share the studio’s bathroom with 16 people but maybe a festival mood of Woodstock proportions set in after a few days and everyone was fine with it.

Because apparently, the recording sessions were set under a good star and everything aligned perfectly. Maybe that’s why there is a sense of quiet optimism in the album that feels like wherever you are, things will be fine.

Oh, and they have a great one for the last track. „…For the Masters said it so“ is a sing a long group effort of big proportions that has a certain Beatles feel to it but manages to sound a little more dirty and needs to be heard under starlight.

It does remind me of Edward Sharpe in the sense that it sounds like a big family that shares their music and you’re in the middle of it, so enjoy it. And I know it feels like it’s appropriate if you listen to it at the beach or at a friend’s house but don’t force a drum circle around this song, there is no need, actually, there never is any need for a drum circle, ok?


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