For Butt it’s worth: Dan Mangan live

So, I was at the Dan Mangan concert on Saturday 14th and it was amazing as expected. I really enjoyed the supporting act Zeus, a fellow Canadian band that rocked some great Electric Light Orchestra 70s Rock moments and did a great cover of a song that I can’t remember the title of. One of their singers (they had three) looked like Josh Groban, the other one wore jeans, jeans jacket and a moustache that ruled all moustaches in the house. Seriously, only few men can wear one without looking stupid and he is one of them, me gusta.

Dan and band then blew everyone away, I almost forgot how freaking amazing Gordon Grdina is, seriously he is the dragon slayer of guitars, the amount of intricate beauty he brought to the songs live is amazing, considering that some of the guitar lines on the album are very difficult and he just upped them and made them even more complicated. Don’t get me wrong, Dan’s whole band is a lot more than just a tour band but Gordon is a freaking God and rules the heavens, I was mesmerized at times.

I then proceeded to wait in line of many a girl who needed an autograph as a token of Dan’s undying goodness for them, as returning to their castles without it would have kept the spell of evil witches intact but with his generosity he broke them all and freed the fangirls of their plight. After they left the club with joy in their hearts, I could finally get the new The Crackling EP “Ashen” by Dan’s drummer Kenton Loewen which is something for sitting at the window watching the rain and pondering about my life. Also – more Gordon Grdina because Kenton plays for him and vice versa, they are thick as thieves, it seems.

I am no fan of Jazz which he does with his Grdina Trio of deities but I might have to listen a little bit into it for no man can playeth the guitar as he does and get ignored just because his choice of music genre lets me recoil in terror. Geez, at some point of this text I really lost grip on reality, didn’t I?

(Look at this, it looks as if his fingers are playing fast forward! And no, this is not his trio you can look it up here amongst other projects)

Anway, if you’ve gotten through all this, you might have asked yourself repeatedly what all this had to do with the headline. Well, I will tell you.

As Dan was again struggling on a swivel chair to give his “so much for everyone” performance in the crowd (which as usual was moving and everything that you could want from a performance by the whole audience), I this time was standing right behind him and suddenly my 14 year old me kicked in and urged me to take a picture of his butt while giggling uncontrollably which I also do while I am writing this because if I have the opportunity I will totally make a blog-series out of it and try to make as many butt pictures of great musicians as possible. Why? Because my life obviously is not fullfilled.

If you are indeed a musician, you are invited to send me pictures of your butts to, they don’t even have to be naked. Oh but I will check out your music first, I won’t tolerate untalented butts.


4 thoughts on “For Butt it’s worth: Dan Mangan live

      1. I am quite sure that the keyboard is the prefered instrument for people who don’t play an instrument because I have one as well. Now and then I pick it up, try to play something and remember that I put it away for a reason.


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