Lazy Sunday: Old Fashioned Melodica and birthdays

Last week I was on the way to an interview and as usual was a bit tense and nervous (which is good, keeps me from slacking on the preparation). But as soon as I saw this kid with his melodica, my mood brightened because the way he just stomped along tooting away was awesome. That’s the great thing about (most) kids, they just get into something crazy and don’t really care what people think. As soon as you get older that only applies to drunken and/or crazy people and therefore is not really recommended. It’s also nice that it was a proper instrument and not some app on his ipad because I am 200 years old and don’t care for these modern thingydingens.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my bestest friend, I know you are shy and I therefore won’t give away your name, adress or medical files but I hope it’s ok if I share one of our favourite songs with the world. Stupid long-distance-friendships might not make for weekly dance-sessions but thanks to the internet, telephones and snail mail (also: trains and cars) I always know that there is someone who will take all my paranoia and rants without running away, screaming. And I appreciate that more than words can say (even more than kids with melodicas can say). Thanks for being there, I will be there in return (whether that is a good thing or not…insert awkward laughter).

You are my Jane or my Daria? Well, we have to figure out who’s who the next time we get drunk together and I buy you a mexican (the drink, of course, human traffic is usually a very lousy party ingredient).


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