Christopher The Conquered: Well you conquered my bad mood

Christopher the Conquered is a bunch of people that have put everything grand, theatrical and fun into one album. There is a musical quality to the songs, the opener alone sounds like a bunch of choreographed dancers will jump out of nowhere and involve you into cheery jazz hands. And you know what? I am in.

Everyone of the members has some other music project on the line, which usually is a good indicator that we are dealing with an imaginative band that draws from each other’s inspirations and background.

However, the head of the band is Chris Ford, no, not the basketball player but a musician from DeMoynes who loves the quality of songwriters like Randy Newman (and yes, there is a Newman-ish feel to it) but wants to get as much out of his music as possible and therefore assembled his group of musicians around him.

And then things just happened as they always do. A friend of a friend could play the trumpet very well and then there was this cool girl who was acing the sax and suddenly there was a giant horn section in the band. The usual, ammiright?

Anyway, exactly this is the reason why these songs sound like they were lifted out of a movie because the big band sound of yonder years are not as popular anymore, especially those with big ass horn sections. But that is the great thing about Christopher the Conquererd because you have this feeling that every song should come with glitter, tap shoes and the head held high, so the last row can see your eyes. I love it. I Love the 60s motown feel, the glam and all that jazz.

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