Favourite Song: Reptile Youth – Speeddance

This band – sigh. They used to call themselves Reptile (&) Retard and the video alone – I get panicky as soon as I see people moshing at something different than a punk concert because it’s no fun getting shubbed around, I wanna see the goddamn band and not your sweaty armpits shoved in my face, m’kay?

Anyways, this song is so addictive, the ridiculous lyrics, the repetition, the energy. I am quite curious how the rest of their set sounds because it does remind me a lot of “fa fa fa” by Datarock which in the end was a fantastic song to a so so album (never build an album around one song, it will be the death of it). However, given the energy in the video they seem to be one hell of a live band and those are a must in the music scene (like most people love ska concerts but no one owns a single ska album). Although I do think that if the energy level stays up on the album, it could be really great.

Best of all: DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDU Yeah, that’s the stuff and it will never leave your head, popping up into your mind at the most inappropriate moments to manifest itself as a hardcore earworm.

PS: sorry, this post came off extremely condescending but I assure you, I love that song, it’s the b-bomb.

Oh, and this video seems to prove that they are a lot more than DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDU. But I really won’t be anywhere the center in front of the stage crowdsurfing and moshing are the awkward music nerd’s nightmare (that and standing in front of the band at eye-level, it’s pure elevator-tension).


2 thoughts on “Favourite Song: Reptile Youth – Speeddance

    1. Das mit dem Kopf ist mir auch aufgefallen, da darf ich aber gar nicht lästern, weil ich selbst zur Brigade der Tomatenköpfe gehöre. Nur den geschwollenen Hals überlass ich mal lieber ihm, aber damit kommen Männer eh immer besser mit durch (meine Mutter sagt übrigens immer bei Männern mit Stiernacken: “Iieh, der hat Hals”).


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